June Board Meeting Minutes

Unfortunately, due to technical problems (probably user error) the board meeting was not recorded.  Also, please note that many of the items listed in the minutes have been addressed and will be discussed in the upcoming board meeting.  If you have any questions, let us know!

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association
Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Date: June 27, 2014
Place: McKinney Heights Pool, 6600 Baythorne, Austin, TX 78747
Time: 2:00PM
Present:     Board Members: Michael Bullock, Mark Heaps, and James Janus
Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman

• The Meeting was called to order by Michael Bullock at 2:32PM.

• April 2014 BOD Meeting minutes approved: Motion: Mark Heaps, Second: James Janus

• Ratification of Board votes since the last Board Meeting
    o 2 week pool card suspension for belligerent resident.
• Homeowner Comments – Jimmy Jacobs and Sherman Smith were present.  Had no specific comments but provided feedback throughout the meeting.
• Committee Report – Mary Armesto was scheduled to provide a report on behalf of the Property Committee but was not present.

• Manager’s Report
    o Finances - Reviewed
        ♣ Expired CD of $25,000 was rolled over into the Western Alliance MMA.
        ♣ Board Discussed and directed Goodwin to open a third MMA if necessary.  MMA interest rates are currently higher than CDs.
        ♣ YTD only $8,081 in assessments need to be paid.
        ♣ $140,000 in outstanding balances is dominantly prior HOA/Property Management not collection. 
    o Common Area 
        ♣ Notice was sent to home/residents relating to individuals caught breaking into pool area.  Appeared to be children of the resident homeowner and their friends.
        ♣ Additional mowing of easements necessary due to rain.
        ♣ Approved the purchase of new DVR, two additional cameras, and improved resolution for security system at the pool.
• New Business
    o The board is going to put together a newsletter that will be mailed to all residents discussion popular items.  Items to be addressed:
        ♣ Pool Key instructions.
        ♣ New Website
        ♣ How to check account status.
        ♣ Violations Policy
    o Discussion of purchasing Line2 subscription in order to provide a centralized directory for contracting HOA via phone.  And to help with issues that occur outside of normal business hours.
    o Pool furniture needs to be replacement, still exploring options and consulting with Springfield Village to share costs.
    o Still no word back from the city about whether they will permit the trail around the pond.  Exploring other options to get a response from the city.
    o Preliminary discussion on rights to fish/boat/float in the pond.  No decision made, will discuss further as the trail progresses.  Right now, fishing isn’t a problem.
• Executive Session
• Next Meeting: TBD
• Adjourn 4:51PM