A street light near our house is not working, who should I contact?

answer: Street lights outside of the ones located in park area parking lot are maintained by the city of Austin.  Each streetlight has a number tagged on the post, when calling 3-1-1 or reporting online please provide the location of the light and the tag number from the post.  You can access the City's Service Request website here.

How do I report violations in our neighborhood?

answer:  You can report deed violations by calling our property manager, Jim Smitherman with Goodwin, at 512-502-2114 or by email at MCKmanager@goodwintx.com, if you can include a picture.  Or you can report it online by clicking here.


How do I get more involved with our neighborhood/community? 

answer: We are always looking for more neighbors to get involved! Just send us a note using the form located under the "Committees" tab and we'll get back with you to see where you can help.


Am I allowed to have a garage sale? 

answer: Yes.  There are no deed restrictions relating to occasional garage sales.  You cannot use a garage sale as a type of home business though. 


Can I have commercial vehicles parked at my house? 

answer: No.  "Trucks with tonnage in excess of one and one-half (1.5) tons and any commercial vehicle with painted advertisement shall not be permitted to park overnight on the Property except those used by a builder during the construction of improvements." (DCCR Section 6.7(c))


How many cars are allowed to be parked at my house? 

answer: There is no limit of the amount of cars that can be parked at your house. However all cars must be passenger vehicles only (includes pickup trucks and motorcycles), must be in working condition, have current registration and license plates, and currently be in use.  They also may not obstruct the sidewalk.


Why did I get a violation/warning? 

answer: Violation notices come as a result of one of the deed restrictions (essentially the rules of the community) being found on your property.  You should receive a photo of the violation in the notice you receive.  If you take care of the issue promptly, you won't have to pay a fine, however if you do not fix the violation you will continue to be charged fines and that can lead to more serious action being taken against you.


Are neighbors allowed to keep animals at their home?

answer: Absolutely! The neighborhood is very pet friendly, just remember to keep dogs on a leash when you're out and about.  


What is curfew in our neighborhood? 

answer: There are actually two curfews. One is put in place by the city of Austin, which applies only to minors.  The second was done by the HOA, which applies only to the park area.  No one may be in the community park located off Baythorne between the hours of 10pm and 6am.  There is a criminal trespass order on file with the Austin Police Department so if you are found at the park when it's closed you could be criminally charged.


I noticed damaged or vandalized property in our neighborhood, what should I do? 

answer: First, if you see the crime in progress call 9-1-1 then let our property manager know.  Otherwise, simply inform our property manager and he'll take it from there.


What is the NextDoor site? 

answer: NextDoor is a community based social networking site which is used primarily to help community awareness on issues relating to crime and safety in the neighborhood.  The site also serves as a community forum.  If you haven't signed up, go to www.NextDoor.com to find out what it's all about!


Can pets be off leash in our neighborhood? 

answer: No.  According to city ordinances, all dogs must be on a leash when out in public (this includes HOA property such as the park area) unless in specifically designated "leash free" areas.


Will I get a violation for throwing a party at my home? 

answer: Most violations relating to parties at someones home come as a result of violating city ordinances such as too much noise or cars blocking the sidewalk.  


How do I submit suggestions for our neighborhood?

answer:  You can submit suggestions using the form on the "Contact" page, under HOA.


Who do I contact if I have a complaint about our neighborhood? 

answer: Complaints can also be submitted using the form on the "Contact" page, under HOA, or by contacting our property manager.


Why isn't the pool available all year? 

answer: Because we have life guards on duty when the pool is open, we simply cannot afford to have them on duty all year.  The pool is the largest ongoing expense the HOA has.


My pool key doesn't work, what should I do? 

answer: First call and check with our property manager to see what's going on.  It may have been deactivated due to lack of payment on your HOA dues or possibly a violation fine.  If the property manager tells you you're in good standing, all you need to do is request a new pool key which you can find under the "Resources" tab or by clicking here.


What is the property manager responsible for? 

answer:  The property manager, Jim Smitherman with Goodwin Management, is responsible for the day to day operations, and essentially all functions of the HOA at the direction of our Board of Directors.  This includes things like paying vendors, obtaining bids for projects, accounting, payment processing, violation notices, monitoring maintenance work, fielding resident questions and so on.  


Who is responsible for empty properties? 

answer: All empty property lots are the responsibility of the developer, KB Homes. 


How long can I leave my Christmas decorations up? 

answer: Courtesy notices will be sent out around the second week of January, all decoration should be taken down by the end of January.