Living in mckinney heights

McKinney Heights is governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA) which is in place to help protect property values and promote safety within the neighborhood. To help you navigate and understand some of the requirements that are in place here in McKinney Heights, we've put together this page to help you out. If you're question isn't answered here, you can always contact the board or the property manager directly.

Pet Database

Austin loves pets, and McKinney Heights is no exception! But every now and then our furry loved ones get out of there home. To help get pets back to the owner more quickly, we've put together a list of pets with their picture, the general area in which they live, and a number for their owner.


Yard Maintenance

One of the most common HOA violations has to do with unsightly yards. We do not have any "official" guidelines but this page gives you some examples of dos and don'ts to avoid getting a violation notice. 



Most people don't think much of it, but parking here in the neighborhood is a big issue. The biggest issue of all is parking over the sidewalk. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for pedestrians to use the sidewalk and forces them, and children, into the street. Please be considerate of your neighbors, and avoid fines by following the guidelines on this page!



It is a common issue in the neighborhood for us to see graffiti in the neighborhood. More common as school lets out and kids have more time unsupervised. The HOA does it's best to stay on top of these issues and get the paint covered up as soon as possible. You can use this page to report sightings and report and repeat offenders you may see so we can keep the issue at bay.