2014 Annual Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday - we had a fantastic showing!

Shortly before we started Delia Garza, current candidate for Austin City Council District 2, spoke.

We began the meeting by approving the minutes from our 2013 Annual then reviewed our 2013 Financials and went over the budget for 2014.  Part of that budget was the anticipation of one large capital improvement project which everyone present got to vote on.  Three projects were proposed: a trail around the pond, an enclosed clubhouse, or an additional playscape.  The votes have been tallied and the project the board will move forward on is a trail around the pond.  As part of the trail project we will also include lighting in our considerations.  

We also reviewed the upcoming pool hours which will be published on a new page here on the website very soon.  We did add an early morning swim time this season, from 6am-9am residents 18 or older will be able to use the pool for swimming laps or exercise purposes.  The pool will be open weekends only from May 3 - May 23 and for the month of September.  It will be open 6 days a week (Tuesday - Sunday) from May 24 thru the end of August.

The last major items we discussed and acted on were by-law amendments and the Board election.  The two proposals that we voted on were moving to a five member Board where we as residents would take three seats and KB Homes would keep two.  The second provided for staggered terms so the board didn't turn over completely every year.  Both measures passed. 

In addition to the seat I'm currently in, two other residents were nominated for the board - Mark Heaps and James Janus - and two seats were reserved for KB Home.  Because there were three resident positions open and only three residents ran, the election was done by acclamation.  Because a vote was not necessary, terms were not decided at the annual.  Terms for board members will be decided at the next board meeting.

We had a great meeting, and your new board is very excited about what the coming year holds!  As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.  

August Board Meeting

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association
Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Date: August 20, 2013 
Place: 10800 Pecan Park Blvd, Suite 200, Austin TX 78750
Time: 11:00 AM
Present: Board Members Present: Roger Arriaga and Michael Bullock
Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman
Board Member Absent: April Miertschin
Homeowners Present: Mary Armesto (by phone)

  •  The Meeting was called to order by Roger Arriaga at 11:20AM.
  • July 9, 2013 BOD Meeting minutes approved: Motion: Roger Arriaga, Second: Michael Bullock 
  • Homeowner Comments: None
  • Goodwin Report
    Financials – Reviewed
         - Under Property Expenses, Jim to verify intent of line items relating to Access Ctrl-Keys/Remotes and Access Ctrl-Maint; he will provide a definition for each and provide a financial breakdown.
         - Discussion of lifeguard expenses – budgeted amount is less than is required for the monthly service; this will be addressed in the 2014 annual budget.

         - Half of granite for trail has been installed.
         - Discussion of adding pavers to border the newly installed trail; Jim provided a bid for this service; BOD agreed to consider once warranty and replacement questions are answered.
         - Park area benches to be repaired.
         - Basketball restriping is scheduled for completion on August 23, 2013.

         - Pool rule signs – needs modifications; Jim to work on converting current pedestal sign outside of the pool area to a bulletin board as well as a separate bulletin board at the park area. 
         - Men’s restroom work order for repairs submitted.
         - Under water pool lights are out; Jim to contact Austin Pool Pros to address. 
         - Jim to conduct a porter service review to confirm 3 visits per week; there have been trash pickup issues which have led to questions regarding the porter service visits and effectiveness. 

         - Commercial vehicles/parking; Board requested alternatives for notifications and related enforcement.
         - Jim to research cost for an additional violation night drive at once per quarter.  
  •  New Business
    - Annual meeting date discussed; first preference is October 2, 2013 due to proximity to National Night Out and opportunity to promote attendance; second option is September 18, 2013.
    - AtHomeNet.com for website is preferred option; Michael to send pricing for board consideration; urgency to implement new website prior to the annual meeting. 
  • Executive Session
  • Next Meeting September 17, 2013 @ 9:00AM
  • Adjourned at 1:05PM