UPDATED: Playground Canopy

Construction began today on the playground canopy cover.  The footers are scheduled to per poured tomorrow afternoon and the project completed by next Monday (Oct. 28).


1 of 4 canopy footers pre-pour. 

Construction crew preparing to pour the canopy footers. 

Monday Oct 14th: 

Construction was scheduled to begin today on a canopy cover for the playground at the park.  Due to the severe weather we had over the weekend and more rain predicted for this week, construction has been delayed until the ground is dry enough for them to begin.  It will be posted on the website as soon as we know when they will be able to start. 


September Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association – DRAFT  MINUTES
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Date:   September 17, 2013 
Place: 10800 Pecan Park Blvd, Suite 200, Austin TX 78750
Time: 9:00 AM


  • Board Members Present: Roger Arriaga and Michael Bullock
  • Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman
  • Board Member Absent: April Miertschin
  • Homeowners Present: None (nor by phone)


- The Meeting was called to order by Roger Arriaga at 9:06AM.

- August 20,2013 BOD Meeting minutes approved with modifications reflecting playscape cover discussion and property manager’s task of creating a sign-in sheet for the porter: Motion: Roger Arriaga, Second: Michael Bullock.

- Ratification of board votes since last meeting- Votes ratified for establishment of community website and approval of delinquency payment plan for resident. 

- Homeowner Comments: None

- Goodwin Report

  • Financials – Reviewed
    - Income will be improved in September due to KB Home assessment payment.
    - Jim to check on management fee increase in related line item.
  • Future budget items
    - Discussion regarding the 10-acre Grand Meadow Park and possible agreement with City of Austin.
    - For budgeting purposes, expect lifeguard costs to remain static.
    - Seal coating of parking lot as a future capital expense.
  • Landscaping/Grounds
    - Pavers look good but will be straightened by contractor.
    - Jim to check on pool fence repair to determine repair or replacement need; Jim will also review the fence assessment in the reserve study. 
    - Sidewalk repair assessment.
    - Discussion of pavilion and pool area needs for power washing.
  • Pool
    - Second gate to be added at pool; bids to be provided; will need email vote.
    - Brivo system to be installed in October.
    - Jim to develop a list of recommended maintenance items for the pool and pavilion areas.
    - Pool to be closed on 9/30/13.
  • Inspections
    - Largest issues remain yard maintenance and trash can violations.
  • New Business
    - Annual meeting preparation discussed and possible move for future meetings to March.
    - National Night Out event scheduled for October 1; event to be combined with area neighborhoods.

- Executive Session – Regular session recessed and executive session called to order at 10:47AM.

- Next Meeting – Unscheduled due to upcoming annual meeting.  

- Adjourned regular session and executive session at 11:24 AM