2014 Annual and Budget

The board voted today to hold our 2014 Annual HOA meeting on March 31st, 2014 at 6:30pm.  And for the first time, the annual is going to be held here in the community.  We will be meeting at the pool, under the covered patio.  Once the board approves the agenda, it will be posted on the event page.


The board also approved at our last meeting (Jan 16) our 2014 Annual Budget.  If you'd like to review the budget you can view it here.

November Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association – DRAFT MINUTES
Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Date:   November 14, 2013
Place: 10800 Pecan Park Blvd, Suite 200, Austin TX 78750
Time: 1:30 PM
      Board Members Present: Roger Arriaga and Michael Bullock
Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman
Board Member Absent: April Miertschin
Homeowners Present: None (nor by phone)

  1.  The Meeting was called to order by Roger Arriaga at 1:34PM.
  2. September 17, 2013 BOD Meeting minutes approval: Motion, Michael Bullock; Second, Roger Arriaga.
  3. Ratification of board votes since last meeting- Two unanimous votes relating to violation fines were ratified.
  4. Homeowner Comments: None.
  5. Manager’s Report
    • Financials – Reviewed
      • Lifeguard September billing paid in October;
      • Large items have yet to affect finances including: Brivo system, Shade structure, KB Home overpayment reimbursement.
      • Overall financial situation in good standing.
    • Common area projects reviewed.
    • Landscaping/Grounds
      • Landscaping on perimeter easements difficult due to large number of rocks.
      • Evidence that homeowners are disposing of lawn clippings behind fences, causing additional landscaping problems.
      • Damaged silt fencing at drainage area; need to determine whether this can be removed.
        • Action Item: Roger to determine whether silt fencing can be removed.
    • Violation summary reviewed.
  6. Old Business
    • Pool
      • Need to set hours for pool and corresponding fines for violations of pool hours.
      • Concern over porter service quality of work.
      • Reviewed bid for lifeguards, maintenance and porter service; requested modifications of bid to adjust for pool hours and add days for porter service (3x per week during pool season; 1x per week out of season). Action Item: Jim to request modified bids.
      • Requested status report of cyanuric acid levels for pool. Action Item: Jim to contact Pool Pros for this report.
      • Reviewed decking bids for pool and considered full replacement vs. patch repair.; No vote taken.
      • Jim to develop a list of recommended maintenance items for the pool and pavilion areas.
      • Pool to be closed on 9/30/13.
    • Grounds and Landscaping
      • Discussion of pavilion and pool area repair needs.  Jim generated a comprehensive bid for a variety of repairs by MRP Services, Inc.; Jim indicated that amount for painting may be modified by another bidder.; Board requested modified bids.
      • Michael requested bid generation for the sealcoating of the pool/park parking lot.
      • Action Item: Jim to verify mowing responsibility and easement ownership.
  7. New Business
    • 2014 Budget
      • Reviewed components of budget; Goodwin will make the adjustments requested and re-present it to the board.
  8. Executive Session – Regular session recessed and executive session called to order at 3:35PM.
  9. Next Meeting – TBD
  10. Adjourned regular session and executive session at 4:38PM.


August Board Meeting

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association
Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Date: August 20, 2013 
Place: 10800 Pecan Park Blvd, Suite 200, Austin TX 78750
Time: 11:00 AM
Present: Board Members Present: Roger Arriaga and Michael Bullock
Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman
Board Member Absent: April Miertschin
Homeowners Present: Mary Armesto (by phone)

  •  The Meeting was called to order by Roger Arriaga at 11:20AM.
  • July 9, 2013 BOD Meeting minutes approved: Motion: Roger Arriaga, Second: Michael Bullock 
  • Homeowner Comments: None
  • Goodwin Report
    Financials – Reviewed
         - Under Property Expenses, Jim to verify intent of line items relating to Access Ctrl-Keys/Remotes and Access Ctrl-Maint; he will provide a definition for each and provide a financial breakdown.
         - Discussion of lifeguard expenses – budgeted amount is less than is required for the monthly service; this will be addressed in the 2014 annual budget.

         - Half of granite for trail has been installed.
         - Discussion of adding pavers to border the newly installed trail; Jim provided a bid for this service; BOD agreed to consider once warranty and replacement questions are answered.
         - Park area benches to be repaired.
         - Basketball restriping is scheduled for completion on August 23, 2013.

         - Pool rule signs – needs modifications; Jim to work on converting current pedestal sign outside of the pool area to a bulletin board as well as a separate bulletin board at the park area. 
         - Men’s restroom work order for repairs submitted.
         - Under water pool lights are out; Jim to contact Austin Pool Pros to address. 
         - Jim to conduct a porter service review to confirm 3 visits per week; there have been trash pickup issues which have led to questions regarding the porter service visits and effectiveness. 

         - Commercial vehicles/parking; Board requested alternatives for notifications and related enforcement.
         - Jim to research cost for an additional violation night drive at once per quarter.  
  •  New Business
    - Annual meeting date discussed; first preference is October 2, 2013 due to proximity to National Night Out and opportunity to promote attendance; second option is September 18, 2013.
    - AtHomeNet.com for website is preferred option; Michael to send pricing for board consideration; urgency to implement new website prior to the annual meeting. 
  • Executive Session
  • Next Meeting September 17, 2013 @ 9:00AM
  • Adjourned at 1:05PM