June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East Homeowners Association, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Place: McKinney Park Pool

Board Meeting Minutes

1.     Call Meeting to Order
The meeting was called to order by Michael Bullock at 6:37pm. 

Board members in attendance: Michael Bullock, Lupe Martinez, and Teresa Garza. 

Also in attendance: Jim Smitherman, Property Manager & Jamie Richardson, Goodwin Management

2. Approval of April Board Meeting Minutes
Michael Bullock motioned to approve the April 7, 2015 board meeting minutes as presented.  Lupe Martinez seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0. 

3. Ratification of Board Votes since the last Meeting

  1. The board voted to confirm balance of account for two homeowners.
  2. The board approved the updated playscape and cover proposal with the rock wall addition for $27,944. 
  3. The board approved the bid to re-do the overpasses with xeriscaping for $2500.

4.     Homeowner Comments
There were no homeowners in attendance.

5.     Committee Reports

  1. Newsletter – Michael has not received a draft of the newsletter and no additional update was provided.

6.     Manager’s Report
Jim Smitherman presented the financial report. 

  1. As of May 31, balance sheet total assets: $729,080.19.
  2. Reserve MMA1 Bank of Nevada account has been closed.
  3. Budget Comparison: under-budget on legal, administrative, social, property, and pool management/lifeguard expenses. 
  4. Total amount under-budget for current month (May): $2949.78.
  5. Management fees are at the highest tier; there will not be additional increases.
  6. The website www.poolkey.com is no longer in use.  The pool keys can now be requested on the Goodwin website.
  7. Michael suggested updating the 2007 reserve study once the improvement projects are complete.

7.     Old Business

  1. Pool – The board discussed the pool party policy.
    1. Reservations are a maximum of 4 hours and a maximum of 30 people. 
    2. In order to regulate the number of guests in attendance, guests will now be asked to sign-in when they arrive for the pool party.
    3. Pool reservations must be made two weeks in advance to allow time for the pool company to schedule an extra lifeguard (as needed)
    4. The lifeguards cannot make exceptions.  If an issue with this policy arises, they will contact a board member to visit the pool and assess the situation.
      1. The reservation details will be posted on a dry erase board at the pool.
  2. Grounds / Landscaping
    1. Jim provided the landscaping update. 
    2. Landscaping maintenance is behind due to the inclement weather.  The property was mowed today. 
    3. The inclement weather has delayed the schedule for easements; it will be at least two weeks because the soil is too soft.
    4. John treated for fire ants on Saturday night.
    5. The schedule for the bridge/overpasses has also been delayed due to the weather; the work will be completed on Saturday.
  3. New Playscape
    1. The playscape is expected to be installed by the end of June.
    2. Michael reported that the new playscape has received good feedback from residents online.
  4. Lighting
    1. Jim presented the updated MRP Services lighting proposal.
    2. The bid does not include any irrigation repairs that will be required if the irrigation is hit during the trenching.  The board asked for Jim to let John know when MRP has scheduled the work so he can be on site to repair the irrigation as needed.
    3. Michael requested for them to make sure the lighting is uniform in color; either by matching the color of the new lights to the existing ones (or change the bulbs on the existing ones to match the new lights)
    4. Michael Bullock motioned to approve the MRP lighting bid for $35,479 + tax.  Lupe Martinez seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0. 

8. New Business

  1. Sail shade cover for the pool – Jim will request a bid from Kidstruction.
  2. Security cameras for the pool – Michael provided an update on the security cameras.
    i.      Mark Heaps met with NSS and did not recommend moving forward with their proposal.  He is now looking into a DIY option of purchasing dropcams and installing them himself. 
    ii.      Jim suggested meeting with MRP on site to discuss the options available regarding the dropcam power supply.
  3. Picnic tables for pool area – Michael emailed a proposal from ReWork Project. 
    i.      Michael Bullock motioned to approve the ReWork Project proposal for two picnic tables.  Teresa Garza seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.
  4. Old pool furniture – The old pool furniture will be made available to residents of McKinney Park and Springfield.  The board will let Jim know once the date has been decided and he will send out an email notification.

9.     Executive Session

a. The board entered executive session at 7:54pm.
b. The board exited executive session at 8:15pm.
c. Michael Bullock motioned to move forward with the delinquency items, as discussed in Executive Session.  Lupe Martinez seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.

Michael Bullock provided a summary of legislative changes that will impact Homeowners Associations.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.