August 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East Homeowners Association, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Place: McKinney Park Pool

Board Meeting Minutes

1.     Call Meeting to Order

a.     The meeting was called to order by Michael Bullock at 6:33pm. 
b.     Board members in attendance: Michael Bullock, Lupe Martinez, Mark Heaps, James Janus. 
c.     Homeowner in attendance: Beth Powell.
d.     Also in attendance: Jim Smitherman and Jamie Richardson, Goodwin Management.

2. Approval of June Board Meeting Minutes

a.     James Janus motioned to approve the June 2, 2015 board meeting minutes as presented.  Michael Bullock seconded the motion.  The motion carried 4-0.

3.  Ratification of Board Votes since the last meeting

a. A motion was approved to purchase and install the AED for $1725.
b. A motion was approved to purchase two new lifeguard chairs and umbrellas for $3125.

4.  Homeowner Comments

  1. Beth Powell asked if the two dumpsters near the mailbox on Sunderland Trail are part of the long term plan for that area.  Michael explained that there will be an entrance at that location once the Slaughter extension is complete and the dumpsters will be removed.

5.  Committee Reports
Committee reports were not provided.

6.    Manager’s Report – Jim Smitherman

  1. Balance sheet total assets as of June 30, 2015: $720,767.90.
  2. Delinquencies as of June 30, 2015: $127,216.27.
  3. Budget Comparison: 
    1) $2,500 under-budget in legal expenses

    2) $8,250 over-budget in property expenses, due to:
    1. Increased lifeguarding hours
    2.  Tree maintenance
    3.  Landscape enhancements

7.     Old Business

  1. Pool / Park
    1)    Lifeguards will be on duty each weekend through the end of September.
    2)    On weekdays in September, the pool will be open for early morning swim (no lifeguards) from 5am – 12pm, except for Mondays when the pool is closed for cleaning.
    3)    Shade for the pool – Jim presented an update on shade options.
    4)    AED has been installed
    5)    New lifeguard chairs and umbrellas have been purchased and installed.
    6)    New benches have been delivered.
    7)    Mark Heaps motioned to proceed with the purchase of four round tables and sixteen chairs for the pool area.  Lupe Martinez seconded the motion.  The motion carried 4-0.
  2. Grounds / Landscaping
    1)    The marquee signs are tentatively expected next week.
    2)    Columns in the front have been repaired.
    3)    The board asked Jim to order one $400 bench for the Capital Metro stop.
  3. New Playscape
    1)    The new playscape has been installed.
  4. Security
    1)    A security bid was provided in the packet for review.
    2)    The board discussed security patrols and requested Jim provide bids from a private company as well as one for an off-duty law enforcement officer.
  5. Lighting
    1)    The new lighting has been installed at the Pavilion.
    2)    Waiting on the poles, but the heads are in
    3)    Light in archway is cracked in front; they will be coming out to address it.
    4)    The new playground will also have lighting
    5)    The lights should be functional, even before the poles arrive

8. New Business

  1. National Night Out – Michael Bullock
    1)    October 3, 2015 from 4-7pm
    2)    Grand Meadow Neighborhood Park
    3)    Fun activities include a rock wall and carnival rides
    4)    Dozen or more different city functions will be in attendance
    5)    Overall expense of 20k but HOA will be responsible for 7k
    6)    Possibly hosting a Movie in the Park at the end of the event
    7)    Estimating 600+ people in attendance
  2. Panadero Lot
    1)    The board discussed options for the Panadero lot. 
    2)    Mark and James will co-chair this project.
    3)    Jim will set a time for the board to meet with an engineer on site.
  3. Legislative Changes
    1)    The legislative changes were included in the packet for review.
  4. Violation Fine Policy
    1)    The board discussed the violation fine policy and how to define commercial vehicles.
    2)    Jim will draft the new fine policy and send it to the board for review.

9.     Executive Session

  1. The board entered executive session at 8:06m.
  2. The board exited executive session at 8:19pm.

Michael Bullock motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Mark Heaps seconded the motion.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.