April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East Homeowners Association, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Place: McKinney Park Pool

Board Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting was called to order by Mark Heaps at 7:02pm. 
  • Board members in attendance: Michael Bullock, Mark Heaps, James Janus, Teresa Garza, and Lupe Martinez. 
  • Homeowners in attendance: Mary Armesto
  • Also in attendance:
    • Jim Smitherman, Property Manager
    • Maria Kirk and Eliza Torrez, City of Austin Code Officers
    • Jacqueline Ballone, Public information officer at City of Austin Code Dept
    • Jamie Richardson, Goodwin representative

1. Code Enforcement
Public information officer Jacqueline Ballone and code officers Maria Kirk and Eliza Torrez attended the meeting to answer questions about code enforcement policies.  They recommended visiting their website at http://austintexas.gov/department/code 

2. Approval of February 3, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes
Mark Heaps motioned to approve the February 3, 2015 board meeting minutes as presented.  James Janus seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

3. Ratification of Board votes since the last Board Meeting
The board has not voted since the last board meeting.

4. Homeowner Comments
Mary Armesto presented a proposal on the Grand Meadow Neighborhood Park.  The board proposed for Mary to get a consensus from neighboring HOAs about what initiatives they would be interested in pursuing; then return and present it to the board.  The board also requested she send them a link to view projects that have been approved.

5. Board Organization
Mark Heaps motioned to appoint the board members to the following board positions:

a. President – Michael Bullock
b. Secretary – Mark Heaps
c. Directors – James Janus, Teresa Garza (to serve a 3 year term), and Lupe Martinez (to serve a 1 year term)
Teresa Garza seconded the motion.  The motion carried 4-1.

6. Committee Reports
Michael Bullock stated that committees have been established but are informal due to the inconsistency in participation.

Mary Armesto and Elaine Pozos will be creating the newsletter. 

7. Manager’s Report
Jim Smitherman presented the financial report. 

  1. As of March 31, the bank account has a balance of $700,907.
  2. Springfield’s payment has been received but the KB payment hasn’t been received
  3. Over-budget by $2250 in legal expenses as a result of the collection process
  4. Utility expenses are under-budget by $1000
  5. Under-budget by a total of $3100 for the month

8.  Old Business

  1. Pool / Park
    i. The board reviewed the pool furniture bids and asked for the bids to be presented at Springfield’s annual meeting.  Jim will request for Springfield’s property manager to conduct an informal poll at the meeting to get feedback.  Mark will also poll McKinney Park members on the NextDoor website to find out which model of pool furniture is preferred.  He will then initiate the vote to approve the bid via email.
    ii. The board will authorize a pool committee member to purchase the pool noodles.
    iii.   Mary Armesto will draft a set of rules for early morning swim and present it to the board for approval.
  2. Grounds / Landscaping – Jim provided the landscaping update.  He will send them the bid to re-do the overpasses with xeriscaping for $2500; the board will then vote via email.

9. New Business

  1. Park upgrades
    i.   The board is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:30pm to walk the park and discuss options for park upgrades. 
    ii.   Jim referred the board to the website www.kidstruction.com and requested feedback on the playground structures they are interested in.  The board will look at the options and vote via email on the type of structure they want; Jim will then get bids for that type of structure and present them to the board.
    iii.   The board reviewed the security system proposal.  Jim will have NSS contact Mark directly to discuss the proposal.  Mark will then email the board and make his recommendation on whether they should move forward with the proposal as presented.
    iv.   The board decided to hold off on reviewing the lighting proposals.
     v.   The board reviewed the marquee sign bids and made changes to the design.  Jim will send the board an updated proposal and the board will vote via email.
    vi.   The board requested bids for cleaning the McKinney Heights signs and for a basic sign for the pool entrance.

The board entered executive session at 9:23pm.

The board exited executive session at 9:45pm.

Michael Bullock provided an update on the Zoning Commission’s meeting regarding the Bumpstead rezoning.  The commission denied the SF-3 application and zoned the property SF-2.  SF-2 is consistent with the surrounding homes.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:50pm.