UPDATED: Bumpstead Rezoning

UPDATE (4/8/15): Just to give everyone an update, I was able to attend the Zoning Commission's meeting last night when this item came up. After about 45min of discussion and questions, the commission unanimously voted to DENY the SF-3 application and zoned the property SF-2 which is consistent with the surround homes. 

Thank you to everyone who sent emails to both the City and the Board! As a result of your action we were able to get our desired outcome on this issue. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and work with the owner and developer as they move forward.

Some of you have received a notice, and by now most have heard that the owner of a 1 acre lot of Bumstead has applied to have the lot rezoned from a rural residence to a family residence/duplex. This property was not included in the lots KB Homes bought, so has never been apart of the HOA.

The Board has voted unanimously to oppose this rezoning and is submitting a letter to the City expressing that opposition. A copy of the letter can be seen here, though please note - not all board members have had the opportunity to sign it yet.

If you would like to voice your opposition to the rezoning, here is some recommended language to send in a letter to Wendy Rhoades, the case manager for this application.

City of Austin
Planning & Development Review Department
Wendy Rhoades

RE: Case # C14-2015-0016

April 5th


I live in the McKinney Heights subdivision in South Austin and would like to respectfully request the above referenced zoning request be denied. The zoning request is not consistent with the zoning surrounding the parcel and has the potential to bring un necessary burdens in the form of increased traffic, parking, and noise to existing homeowners. Zoning the parcel identical to the rest of the neighborhood would seem a more suitable choice.

Thank You for your consideration.
— Please copy mckinneyheightsboard@gmail.com on your email

Please also take just a minute to fill out the form below to register your opposition. This form will be used by the Board, it does NOT go directly to the city. So please make sure you send a separate email to the City.

You can also keep up with the case here: https://www.austintexas.gov/devreview/b_showpublicpermitfolderdetails.jsp?FolderRSN=11294192

I will be attending the meeting being held tomorrow at City Hall @6pm about this case to make sure our opposition is heard. We will continue to work with the lot owner, but we don't want duplexes to be built and feel very strongly that any new construction should have to comply with HOA restrictions as this lot is in the middle of the neighborhood.

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Do you support or oppose the rezoning of 6218 Bumpstead Dr. (Case# C14-2015-0016)?