February Board Meeting Audio & Minutes

Date: February 3, 2015

Place: McKinney Heights Pool, 6600 Baythorne, Austin, TX 78747

Time: 6:30PM

Present:  Board Members: Michael Bullock, Mark Heaps, and James Janus

               Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman

·       The Meeting was called to order by Michael Bullock at 6:42PM.

·       October 2014 BOD Meeting minutes approved: Motion: Michael Bullock, Second: Mark Heaps


·       Homeowner Comments

o   Does the HOA provide a welcome to the neighborhood or convenience packet.

§  Yes. It should be given out at closing.

o   Is there a place where homeowners can find a list of preferred vendors.

§  The HOA doesn’t maintain one, but the Nextdoor site has numerous recommendations.

·       Committee Report

o   While committees have been established they have been inconsistent at best.

o   Instead of forcing formal committees, the board is going to allow more informality with residents who are willing to follow through with their interests/commitments.

o   Elaine Pozos and Mary Armesto have committed to doing a newsletter.

o   Will add resident who volunteered to the Architectural Review Committee.

·       Manager’s Report

o   Finances – Reviewed

§  Compared to last year, the balance sheet is up approximately $95,000.

§  Delinquencies are also up approximately $13,000 from last year.

o   Common Area

§  Sample pool furniture will be bought for the Annual meeting so residents can vote on what they want.

§  More direction is needed as to where the additional park lighting needs to be. In general, it needs to be at the basketball court, pavilion, play structure, and around.

§  Details of the mowing schedule still need to be obtained so a map and schedule can be posted on the website.

·       Old Business

o   Walking trail around pond.

§  Planning and reviewing has been done over the last 10 months, and due to the burdensome requirements by the city and the denial of a request for more liberal requirements, the cost to do the trail is almost double the budget that was planned.

§  Board approved the withdrawal of the project.

§  Board discussed and gave direction about assembling a new plan to provide substantial improvements to the park area that will be presented at the Annual meeting.

o   Springfield Village HOA board expressed concerns about their share of the costs for maintaining the common area. Michael Bullock and Jim Smitherman to meet with Springfield to address those concerns.

·       New Business

o   Board directed Goodwin to obtain bids for installing two message board signs in the neighborhood to post community notices on.

o   Annual Meeting date tentatively set as March 31, 2015.

·       Adjourned to Executive Session

o   Board discussed and voted on collections actions to be taken on certain accounts.

·       Final Adjournment: 8:24pm