April Board Meeting Audio/Minutes

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association
Regular Board of Directors Meeting

 Date: April 11, 2014
Place: McKinney Heights Pool, 6600 Baythorne, Austin, TX 78747
Time: 3:31PM
Present:                   Board Members: Michael Bullock, Mark Heaps, and James Janus
                                   Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman

  •  The meeting was call to order by Michael Bullock at 3:31pm

  • February 2014 BOD Meeting minutes approved: Motion: Michael Bullock, Second: Mark Heaps

  • Ratification of Board votes since the last Board Meeting

    • Front entrance landscaping modifications.

    • Amenity landscaping updates

    • Painting bid submitted by Tex Painting, LLC.

    • By-law amendments

      • Moving from 3 to 5 Board Members

      • Providing longer terms for Board Members.

  • Homeowner Comments - no homeowners present.

  • Manager’s Report

    • Finances - Reviewed

      • One $25k CD will expire on May 30, 2014, Goodwin to check on the interest rate of current MMA, the board will then decide whether to renew the CD or move funds into an MMA for higher yield.

      • Board directed the painting expense and all other one-time expenditures going forward be accounted for under the Non-Recurring line item of the budget.

      • Income from assessments was lower than anticipated.  Expected to improve in the next 30days.

      • KB Homes has not yet paid their dues. 

      • Overall financial condition is still healthy.

    • Common Area

      • Loose animals are common problem in the neighborhood.  HOA does not have authority; this is a city issue.

      • New trashcans have been ordered.  New style of lid for the trashcans was decided to better stand up to the wind.

      • ACTION ITEM: Goodwin will contact Austin Police Depart to ensure the Criminal Trespass Order for the park area is renewed – the current order will soon approach the end of it’s 12 month term.

      • ACTION ITEM: Goodwin to obtain bids for a second card reader on interior gate to ensure access to Early Morning Swim.

      • ACTION ITEM: Board requested pool management do a complete inventory of all furniture and pool area items, and their current condition; provide estimate for additional/repair/replacement of any items necessary.

      • Board decided only 1 pool key would be issued per household.

    • Rule Enforcement

      • Board requested Goodwin increase efforts to ensure homeowners are getting approval for changes to property; approved projects are complying with stipulations of approval.

  • New Business

    • Goodwin will be at the pool house entryway on Saturday April 12 from 2-4pm to distribute new pool keys.

    • Discussion of unsightly items on homeowner property.

    • Board Organization

      • Board Positions approved – Motion: Mark Heaps Second: James Janus

        • President – Michael Bullock

        • Secretary – Mark Heaps

        • Vice President – James Janus

      • Board Members terms decided

        • Mark Heaps and James Janus will serve 3 years terms.

        • Michael Bullock will serve a 2 year term.

        • The two KB Homes members were given a two and one year term respectively.

    • Pond Walking Trail Capital Project

      • Before bids can be obtained an engineering assessment/survey needs to be done of the area designated for the trail.  The board directed Goodwin to contact an engineer who lives in the community and offered their services to begin the process.  Based on that conversation and assessment the board will determine the next appropriate action.

      • ACTION ITEM: The board requested a timeline be put together for the project to include all phases of the project with deadlines.

    • ACTION ITEM: The board requested Goodwin have Austin Pool Pros make repairs to coping bricks around the children’s pool.  If the bricks cannot be replaced before pool season, repairs to ensure sharp edges are removed and safe for children will be sufficient in the interim.

    • Goodwin presented a written policy for delinquent assessments and violation collections.  The board adopted the policy.  Motion: James Janus Second: Mark Heaps.

  • Executive Session

  • Next Meeting: TBD

  • Adjourn 4:51PM