2014 Annual HOA Meeting Proxy

Our 2014 Annual HOA meeting is coming up in two weeks, and to ensure we have a quorum residents who will not be able to attend should fill out a proxy.  When filling out the proxy, you can either designate a board member to serve as your proxy or anyone else who is a resident of McKinney Heights.

There are two items on this proxy which are different from years previous. 

1. Moving from a 3 to 5 member board.  As we move closer to transitioning to a resident controlled HOA, due to our size, the board is proposing we expand it's size to provide ample representation.  This will also allow us to bring on a second resident board member right now.  This proposal also provides for staggered terms for board members. 

2. Voting for board members.  If approved, you will vote for 5 board members.  Three will be from KB Homes, 2 will be community residents.  Whoever receives the most votes will receive a three year term, the rest will be staggered.  

A copy of the proxy can be found here.  Or on the event page for the 2014 Annual here