September Board Meeting

The board met for it's monthly board meeting on September 17th at 9am.  Minutes for this meeting have not yet been drafted, but once they are they will be published.  This is just a summary of some of the things discussed at the board meeting.

  • Website.  Over the past several months the board has been discussing developing a website which can better serve as an information hub for the community.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, and we believe a website dedicated to providing residents a "one stop shop" for finding all the information they need would be a huge benefit to the community.  With all these things in mind the board approved a vote to develop a website.  The original plan was to use for this site, but some concerns relating to tracking resident payments and accounts led to an alternative solution being sought out.
  • Managers' Report.  Jim Smitherman, our HOA Property Manager, gave the board a rundown of where we stand financially.  Due to all the development, and new revenue from KB Homes, McKinney Heights is financially healthy.  Because of this growth we have many projects we're going to be taking on to spruce up and fix many of the amenity items that have gone unattended.  The board approved several projects already, some of which have been completed.  A new path around the park (completed), re-striping of the basketball court and adding a three-point line (completed), a canopy structure for the playground and repairing park benches (contractor is waiting for parts to arrive to begin construction), a new key-card system for the pool and a second gate so the bathrooms will be accessible all year (approved; will be installed after the pool season ends), re-doing the parking lot (discussed, and will be an upcoming project) and side walk repairs in the park area (approved).
  • National Night Out event on October 1.  A combined event between McKinney Heights, Springfield Village, and Onion Creak Plantation.  Going to be a great event, and an excellent opportunity to bring the communities together.
  • Annual Meeting.  Palm Elementary, the preferred location cancelled on us last minute so additional calls were made to Blazier, who had not responded as of when the board meeting began.  Alternate dates where considered (middle of Oct.) as well as a discussion on what the best time of year to have the annual is.  I proposed that we poll those who attend the Annual if they would prefer to have the annual earlier in the year.  March is an ideal time I think, so we are considering doing our 2014 annual in March to reset the clock going forward.  March would provide a better opportunity for residents to give input about the previous year and the year ahead.  Only concern deals with board elections.  Currently all board members serve one year terms. 
  • Executive session.   
  • Adjourn, no October date set for next board meeting. Will discuss after annual. 

Hopefully that run down is helpful.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  Thanks! 

Michael Bullock
Resident Board Member
McKinney Heights HOA

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