Incorrect Mailing about HOA Dues

Hello everyone,

there was a clerical error on a recent mailing that was sent out to the homeowners of McKinney Park East (aka McKinney Heights). The date printed on that mailing was incorrect. Jim, our Property Manager from Goodwin, sent me a message this evening and you can read that inline text below. If there are any questions, please contact Jim with the information displayed below.


McKinney Park East

11149 Research Blvd, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78759-5227
Office: (512)502-2114   cell: (512)230-3220  fax: 512.346.4873


The due date on listed on your 2014 Annual Statement was printed in error. 


PLEASE NOTE:  The due date for the 2014 Annual Assessment is March 1st not January 1st.  Payments are considered late on March 30th. 


Jim Smitherman
Property Manager


Thanks everyone, 
Mark Heaps
McKinney Heights resident since 2010