November Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association – DRAFT MINUTES
Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Date:   November 14, 2013
Place: 10800 Pecan Park Blvd, Suite 200, Austin TX 78750
Time: 1:30 PM
      Board Members Present: Roger Arriaga and Michael Bullock
Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman
Board Member Absent: April Miertschin
Homeowners Present: None (nor by phone)

  1.  The Meeting was called to order by Roger Arriaga at 1:34PM.
  2. September 17, 2013 BOD Meeting minutes approval: Motion, Michael Bullock; Second, Roger Arriaga.
  3. Ratification of board votes since last meeting- Two unanimous votes relating to violation fines were ratified.
  4. Homeowner Comments: None.
  5. Manager’s Report
    • Financials – Reviewed
      • Lifeguard September billing paid in October;
      • Large items have yet to affect finances including: Brivo system, Shade structure, KB Home overpayment reimbursement.
      • Overall financial situation in good standing.
    • Common area projects reviewed.
    • Landscaping/Grounds
      • Landscaping on perimeter easements difficult due to large number of rocks.
      • Evidence that homeowners are disposing of lawn clippings behind fences, causing additional landscaping problems.
      • Damaged silt fencing at drainage area; need to determine whether this can be removed.
        • Action Item: Roger to determine whether silt fencing can be removed.
    • Violation summary reviewed.
  6. Old Business
    • Pool
      • Need to set hours for pool and corresponding fines for violations of pool hours.
      • Concern over porter service quality of work.
      • Reviewed bid for lifeguards, maintenance and porter service; requested modifications of bid to adjust for pool hours and add days for porter service (3x per week during pool season; 1x per week out of season). Action Item: Jim to request modified bids.
      • Requested status report of cyanuric acid levels for pool. Action Item: Jim to contact Pool Pros for this report.
      • Reviewed decking bids for pool and considered full replacement vs. patch repair.; No vote taken.
      • Jim to develop a list of recommended maintenance items for the pool and pavilion areas.
      • Pool to be closed on 9/30/13.
    • Grounds and Landscaping
      • Discussion of pavilion and pool area repair needs.  Jim generated a comprehensive bid for a variety of repairs by MRP Services, Inc.; Jim indicated that amount for painting may be modified by another bidder.; Board requested modified bids.
      • Michael requested bid generation for the sealcoating of the pool/park parking lot.
      • Action Item: Jim to verify mowing responsibility and easement ownership.
  7. New Business
    • 2014 Budget
      • Reviewed components of budget; Goodwin will make the adjustments requested and re-present it to the board.
  8. Executive Session – Regular session recessed and executive session called to order at 3:35PM.
  9. Next Meeting – TBD
  10. Adjourned regular session and executive session at 4:38PM.