September Board Meeting Minutes

McKinney Park East (Austin) Homeowner’s Association – DRAFT  MINUTES
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Date:   September 17, 2013 
Place: 10800 Pecan Park Blvd, Suite 200, Austin TX 78750
Time: 9:00 AM


  • Board Members Present: Roger Arriaga and Michael Bullock
  • Goodwin Property Manager: Jim Smitherman
  • Board Member Absent: April Miertschin
  • Homeowners Present: None (nor by phone)


- The Meeting was called to order by Roger Arriaga at 9:06AM.

- August 20,2013 BOD Meeting minutes approved with modifications reflecting playscape cover discussion and property manager’s task of creating a sign-in sheet for the porter: Motion: Roger Arriaga, Second: Michael Bullock.

- Ratification of board votes since last meeting- Votes ratified for establishment of community website and approval of delinquency payment plan for resident. 

- Homeowner Comments: None

- Goodwin Report

  • Financials – Reviewed
    - Income will be improved in September due to KB Home assessment payment.
    - Jim to check on management fee increase in related line item.
  • Future budget items
    - Discussion regarding the 10-acre Grand Meadow Park and possible agreement with City of Austin.
    - For budgeting purposes, expect lifeguard costs to remain static.
    - Seal coating of parking lot as a future capital expense.
  • Landscaping/Grounds
    - Pavers look good but will be straightened by contractor.
    - Jim to check on pool fence repair to determine repair or replacement need; Jim will also review the fence assessment in the reserve study. 
    - Sidewalk repair assessment.
    - Discussion of pavilion and pool area needs for power washing.
  • Pool
    - Second gate to be added at pool; bids to be provided; will need email vote.
    - Brivo system to be installed in October.
    - Jim to develop a list of recommended maintenance items for the pool and pavilion areas.
    - Pool to be closed on 9/30/13.
  • Inspections
    - Largest issues remain yard maintenance and trash can violations.
  • New Business
    - Annual meeting preparation discussed and possible move for future meetings to March.
    - National Night Out event scheduled for October 1; event to be combined with area neighborhoods.

- Executive Session – Regular session recessed and executive session called to order at 10:47AM.

- Next Meeting – Unscheduled due to upcoming annual meeting.  

- Adjourned regular session and executive session at 11:24 AM