Oct. 2 Annual Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes from our annual meeting and a link to the presentation that was used.  

McKinney Heights HOA

Date: October 2, 2013
Place: Blazier Elementary School
Time: 6:30pm
Annual Meeting Minutes

  1.  Establish Quorum / Proof of Notice of Meeting
    The meeting was called to order at 6:48pm.  Board members in attendance were KB representative Roger Arriaga and resident board member Michael Bullock.  The sign in sheet served as roll call and the proxies were certified and counted as valid.  Property manager Jim Smitherman confirmed quorum was established and presented the proof of notice of the meeting.
  2. Reports from Board Members and Committees
    - Michael Bullock presented an overview of the past year and plans for the upcoming year.  A breakdown of the budget was also presented.  The board report in full is attached. 
    - KB representative Roger Arriaga introduced himself and explained the role of the developer in forming the HOA.  As of last year, McKinney Park is no longer declarant-controlled.
    - Mark Heaps provided a demonstration of the new HOA website.  The site is www.mckinneyheights.com.
    - Michael Bullock explained the importance of homeowner participation on committees.  A brief description of each committee was provided and a committee sign up sheet was included in each member’s packet.  
  3. Approval of 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
    The 2012 annual meeting minutes were provided for review.  Roger Arriaga motioned to approve the 2012 annual meeting minutes.  Michael Bullock seconded the motion.  The motioned passed unanimously.
  4. Manager’s Report
    Jim Smitherman presented the Manager’s Report.  Goodwin Management, Inc. is responsible for and acts as community liaison for three areas of the HOA:
      - Overseeing the common area elements and community contractors which include the pool/amenity center, landscaping and irrigation, and the exterior community fencing.
    - Accounting for the community.
    - Deed restriction enforcement which includes driving the community twice a month, dealing with issues arising from these drives, and architectural applications and guidelines.
    - Smitherman gave an overview of the financials, delinquencies, and violations of the community and answered questions.  A copy of the financials was included in each member’s packet.
  5. Election of Board Members
    Each board position is for a one year term.  There were four nominees: Roger Arriaga, April Miertschin, Michael Bullock and James Janus.  The vote was cast by written ballot and then counted by representatives from Goodwin Management and overseen by resident Mark Lenanburg.  Roger Arriaga, April Miertschin and Michael Bullock were elected to the board.
  6. Resident Questions
    A     resident asked if Thaxton will be the main entrance once the Slaughter     extension is complete.      Arriaga will find out and let them know the construction plans.
    - A     resident asked if the landscaper should be mowing on Edmundsbury.  Smitherman said everything on that     street should be included.
    - A     resident asked if the landscaping company is responsible for picking up     trash.  Smitherman said yes,     it is their responsibility.
    - A     resident asked for an explanation as to why the entire pool key system     needs to be replaced.      Smitherman explained that the current system does not allow the HOA     to restrict access to the pool; people are getting in that shouldn’t be     getting in.  The bid for the     replacement of the entire pool key system is under $5,000.
  7. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.